Upgrades provide the player with permanent benefits for when they traverse The World; from greater water reserves, to additional carrying capacity, and increased health. These can be purchased in any order, regardless of whether they provide the same type of benefit. Although all of them, with the exception of the compass, are entirely optional, new players are encouraged to use them, as they make the game much easier.


"this waterskin'll hold a bit of water, at least"
Increases water reserves to 20.

  • leather: 50


Increases water reserves to 30.


  • leather: 200
  • iron: 20


"the wagon can carry a lot of supplies"
Increases carrying capacity to 40.

  • wood: 500
  • iron: 100


"the convoy can haul mostly anything."
Increases carrying capacity to 70.

  • wood: 1000
  • iron: 200
  • steel: 100

Leather armour

"leather's not strong. better than rags, though."
Leather Armour. Raises the avatar's HP to 15.

  • leather: 200
  • scales: 20

Iron armour

"iron's stronger than leather"
Iron Armour. Raises the avatar's HP to 25.

  • leather: 200
  • iron: 100

Steel Armor

"steel's stronger than iron"
Steel Armour. Raises the avatar's HP to 45.

  • leather: 200
  • steel: 100


Unlocks The Dusty Path. When first purchased, it will point in a direction of interest.
Trade Cost:

  • Fur: 400
  • Scales: 20
  • Teeth: 10
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