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Ash0mon Ash0mon 26 February 2021


So tonight i had spaghetti so i wrote a song about it,

(play to tune of happy birthday)

Spa- Spaghetti is cool

I- I- ate spaghetti ina pool

I- I- Loooooove Spaghetti

So, Spaghetti is cool

Shout out to Papyrus!

Any ways It was tasty

(and no i did not actully eat spaghetti in a pool)

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Seadaisy Seadaisy 19 April 2018

how do you guys make this game vegan?

i wanted to build a vegan community and harm no animals.

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Ironlightning Ironlightning 26 January 2018

Best Setup for Villagers

What do you people think is the best set up for the villagers? (Like how many gatherers, how many charcutiers, and so on) BTW assuming you have 80 population

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