A Dark Room Wiki

Combat screen will appear as:

If you don't bring weapons that deal numeric damage (every single weapon except bolas) you will have a button that will allow you to punch your enemy.[1]

During combat you can:

  • Use your weapons if you have supply for them
  • Use fists if you don't have any other weapons
  • With certain perks, the fists are actually the best weapon, because with the unarmed master perk, they deal 12 damage (with the best weapon being the laser rifle at 8), recharge the same speed as the laser rifle, and also don't require rare energy cores to use. Only downside is you won't be able to use the fists if you are holding a weapon, so no picking up weapons on the go.
  • Eat meat to regain HP:
    • Browser: Up to once every 5 seconds for +8 HP or for +16 HP with the Gastronome perk[2]
    • Mobile: Up to once every ~7 seconds for +10 HP or for +20 HP with the Gastronome perk
  • Browser only: use medicine up to once every 7 seconds for +20HP[3]