A Dark Room Wiki

Occasionally, the player will randomly encounter Events. These events present a situation, and task the player in choosing how to proceed with the event.

Most events are specific to the location that the player is currently in.

Events that can occur in The Room[]

Events in The Room offer the player chances to acquire resources, supplies, or even perks. If an exchange occurs, it always occurs at a better exchange rate than what is offered by the Trading Post (with the exception of the Mysterious Wanderer, which are gambles).

The Nomad[]

The Nomad is a traveling merchant that offers to trade with the player at a better exchange rate than the buying from the local merchants at the Trading Post. He offers a variety of wares.

The Thief[]

Your villagers will present you with a man who has been hiding in the store room, stealing your supplies. You have the option to hang him, or let him go free. If you let him go free, he teaches you Stealth, which you can use on The Dusty Path. Although if you hang him, all of the supplies stolen from you will be returned to your inventory. (if you dont hang him it says he will be grateful and wont come back, but he can come back even after that, so do what you want with the second one)

Noises Outside[]

You will hear noises outside "through the walls". The options given are to investigate or ignore the noises. Ignoring the noises seems to have no effect, whereas investigating gives a small chance of receiving a bundle of sticks wrapped in furs, which are a slight boost to your inventory.

Noises Inside[]

You will hear noises in the store room. If they are investigated, you will notice missing wood and and leftover teeth or scales, or the noises will just stop. Not investigating seems to have no effect.

The Beggar[]

A beggar comes begging for furs to keep him warm through the night.
For 50 or 100 furs the beggar will thank you and leave a random amount of Teeth, Cloth or Scales, relative to the amount of furs given.

The Mysterious Wanderer: Wood[]

A mysterious wanderer arrives with a cart- they ask for wood and promise to come back with more.
The player can give either 100 or 500 wood, with a random chance of receiving a larger amount in return later on.

The Mysterious Wanderer: Fur[]

A mysterious wanderer arrives with a cart- they ask for fur and promise to come back with more.
The player can give either 100 or 500 fur, with a random chance of receiving a larger amount in return later on.

The Scout[]

A scout stays the night, offering to teach you what she knows in exchange for resources;

  • 100 Fur and 10 Scales uncovers an 11x11 diamond randomly placed on the world map.
  • 1000 Fur, 50 Scales, and 20 Teeth unlocks the Scout perk.

percentage chance is very low

The Wandering Master[]

An old wanderer will arrive, asking for lodgings for the night. To accommodate him, the player must be able to offer him 50 Cured Meat, 100 Fur, and 1 Torch.
After providing him lodging, he will offer to teach you 1 perk in exchange: Evasion, Precision, or Force.

The Sick Man[]

A man will hobble up, coughing and asking for medicine. If you give him 1 medicine, there is a chance that he will give you some "glowing boxes" he found, which are energy cells, or "weird metal", which is alien alloy. Telling him to leave has no lasting repercussions.

Events that can occur while Outside or in The Village[]

Events in The Village result in the loss of either villagers or traps, but can reward the player with some resources after the event ends.

A Ruined Trap[]

Random amount of traps are destroyed. Chance you can find the beast that destroyed them and get fur and meat

A Beast Attack[]

This event occurs randomly in your settlement, a text box appears explaining the village was attacked by feral beasts. You receive a large of amount of either fur, teeth, meat, or all of the above. Occasionally some of your population is killed.

A Military Raid[]

Large amounts of the population may die through a military skirmish. Loot, such as Bullets, can be acquired through this event.

A Sickness[]

You will be told there is a sickness spreading through the village and asked for 1 Medicine for the sick villager. Providing it will "catch the sickness in time" while ignoring it will cause 1 death immediately and greatly increases the chance for the plague event below.

A Plague[]

When this event occurs, you will be given the option to provide the village with 5 Medicine or ignore the event. Providing the Medicine will mean that only 5 population are killed by the plague, while ignoring it will mean that many more will die off. 0/72 is an example of the results of ignoring the event: This Event will kill your entire population without fail.