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The Outside/The Village is where the player spends most of the time delegating the tasks between villagers, gathering wood, or checking any traps for extra resources.

Growth and Population[]

Outside The Room waits a silent forest. As the player begins to build and expand, the forest will eventually become a teeming village, and the villagers will become vital assets to the player's continued growth and expansion.

A Silent Forest []

"the sky is grey and the wind blows relentlessly"
The player first gains access to A Silent Forest. If the player has no Traps, the only action available is to "Gather Wood".
Number of huts: 0
Population: 0

A Lonely Hut []

Number of huts: 1
Population: 4

A Tiny Village []

Number of huts: 2-4
Population: 8-16

A Modest Village []

Number of huts: 5-8
Population: 20-32

A Large Village []

Number of huts: 9-14
Population: 36-56

A Raucous Village []

Number of huts: 15-20
Population: 60-80

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