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Below are transcripts of the audio tracks labeled as "secrets" that are unlocked by completing the mobile version of A Dark Room.
These secrets contain significant spoilers for both the browser and mobile versions of A Dark Room.

Tracks by Amir Rajan[]

hello from amir.[]

Hello wanderer. I'm Amir, the developer of the iOS and Android version of A Dark Room. Only those that have completed this journey at least once will ever hear this message. I hope you felt a sense of wonder while playing this game; great care was taken in creating this world. A world that you would be emotionally attached to. I hope you found that A Dark Room was a unique, personal experience, unlike anything in the App Store. Most of all, I hope you find A Dark Room to be a work of art. Aristotle once said, "The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance." The following developer commentary is an exploration of that inward significance. Michael and I will talk about how the game was developed, what influenced this world, secrets you may have missed in you playthroughs, among other things. I hope your connection to the game will deepen after listening to these soundbites. Also, if you're about to try to beat the game without building huts, the additional commentary is a great way to pass the time during the earlier stages of your journey. You can leave this screen and the commentary will continue to play. yooo its bob the cat

how a dark room ios came to be.[]

Back in June 2013, I came across the web version of A Dark Room, Michael's original creation. At this point, I was 3 months into my sabbatical. I had spent the last 8 years of my life creating software for other people, and decided to take some time to do things for myself. I took on a minimalist lifestyle, getting rid of as many worldly possessions as possible. Anything I could live without was thrown away, donated, or sold. When I saw what Michael built, I felt an immediate connection with its sparse presentation. It was almost as if it was a reflection of where I currently was in my life. I contacted Michael that day, asking if I could port the game over to a mobile medium. Being the incredible person that he is, he said yes. 1 virtual handshake, 70 emails, and 1 video conference later, A Dark Room for iOS shipped in November 2013. It took 5 months to re-envision this experience for mobile devices. It's hard to believe I've never met Michael in person. Perhaps, if A Dark Room is successful, I'll take a flight from Dallas, Texas to Canada, where we can finally shake hands.

lighting my head.[]

When you first opened up A Dark Room, and started playing, did you feel like you were cheated? Did you feel like you were just conned into buying a game that does absolutely nothing? I'm sure many did. I know this because some went so far as to leaving a one star review in the App Store, stating that the game was a scam. For what it's worth, I was very much aware of this feeling you'd experience. The last thing I ever wanted to do was to make you feel cheated. I can't count the number of hours I mulled over the opening sequence. When you light the fire, it takes a little over 15 seconds before the silent forest opens up and you're able to gather wood. In Michael's original web version, it took 45 seconds for this transition to occur. This timing was perfect for the web, but I was worried that it was too long of a wait for someone who just purchased A Dark Room, a game with a vague description, one lousy screenshot, and depending on when you bought it, it may not have had any reviews. A number of my friends and family playtested this opening sequence. I wanted to see why they lost interest. Shortening the opening sequence to 15 seconds helped the playtesters stay engaged, but they still lost interest by the time they started gathering wood. I tried a number of things, like shortening the timing for the first part of the game down to 5 seconds, but that took away the importance of the builder stumbling into your dark room. I tried adding Fredrick Nietzsche quotes that randomly appear when you stoked the fire, but that only lead to confusion. I kept the problem in the back of my mind and concentrated on getting other parts of the game working. It wasn't until the third month of development that I employed what you see today: a 15 second reveal, and when you gather wood for the first time, a message fades in. "hope she's okay. have to keep the fire going."

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