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Once the player has uncovered The Old Starship, they can choose to Lift Off into Space. In Space, the player is capable of maneuvering their vessel (represented by an "@" symbol) with the WASD or arrow keys. The primary objective is to avoid the oncoming asteroids and space debris long enough for the ship to take off, out from the exosphere into space.

As the ship ascends in altitude away from the The Barren World, the ship's location (as indicated by the title of page in the browser) will change from Troposphere, to Stratosphere, to Mesosphere, to Thermosphere, to Exosphere, and finally into Space.

Once it has reached optimum altitude, the ship will automatically take off into the abyss.

End of the Game[]

Once the ship takes off, the screen will fade to black, signalling the end of the game. At this point, the player may choose to share their experience or restart the game using the links at the bottom of the screen.

No other options are present to the player, and the player may only choose to continue playing by restarting their adventure, though some information will persist.

A new building is also unlocked if you restart.

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