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Like The Dusty Path, The Old monke serves as an area to prepare the player before choosing to "Lift Off" into Space.

The Spaceship is acquired by finding it out on the world. It is represented by a "W" tile on the map.

Here, the player is presented with 3 options:

Reinforce Hull[]

Reinforcing the Hull requires 1 Alien Alloy. For each level of reinforcement, the player's ship can take 1 hit from space debris while navigating Space.

Upgrade Engine[]

Upgrading the Engine requires 1 Alien Alloy. For each upgrade, the player's ship can maneuver faster while navigating Space.

Lift Off[]

The player can only lift off after the armoury is built. Choosing to Lift Off will place the player in Space and allow them to navigate using the WASD or arrow keys. Being struck by too much debris will force the player back to prepare the Old Starship, and the Lift Off button will have a cooldown timer.