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Weapons by type[1] listed at this page.

Weapons provide the player with a means to defend themselves while traversing The World. Weapons can either be crafted, traded, or found in a variety of locations throughout The World.

It is important to note that with the exception of the Fists, carrying weapons does not override the ability to attack with either weapon; this means that if the avatar is carrying both an Iron Sword and a Steel Sword, they will be able to both "swing" with the Iron Sword and "slash" with the Steel Sword, and both weapons will experience cooldown timers independent of each other. In this way, it is typically advantageous to carry a variety of weapons, as their carrying cost is generally outweighed by the benefit to simultaneously attack with multiple weapons in battle.

Carrying more than 1 of any single type of weapon does not allow the avatar to attack twice with that weapon without a cooldown.



verb: punch
up to 18 (pc) (depending on perks)
cooldown: 2 seconds (1 second with the Unarmed Master perk)


"learned to throw punches with purpose"
This perk can be acquired by punching enemies 50 times in combat. Increases unarmed melee damage to two damage per punch.

Martial Artist[]

"learned to fight quite effectively without weapons"
Requires Boxer. This perk can be acquired by punching enemies 150 times in combat. Increases unarmed melee damage to six per punch.

Unarmed Master[]

"learned to strike faster without weapons"
Requires Martial Artist. This perk can be acquired by punching enemies 300 times in combat. Shortens the Punch cooldown to 1 second and increases unarmed melee damage to 12 per punch.


Bone Spear[]

"this spear's not elegant, but its pretty good at stabbing"
verb: stab
damage: 2
cooldown: 2 seconds
weight: 2
creation cost: 100 Wood, 5 Teeth

Iron Sword[]

"sword is sharp. good protection out in the wilds."
verb: swing
damage: 4
cooldown: 2 seconds
weight: 3
creation cost: 200 Wood, 50 Leather, 20 Iron

Steel Sword[]

"the steel is strong, and the blade true."
verb: slash
damage: 6
cooldown: 2 seconds
weight: 5
creation cost: 600 Wood, 200 Leather, 40 Steel


verb: thrust
damage: 8
cooldown: 2 seconds
weight: 1
trade cost: 500 Scales, 250 Teeth



black powder and bullets, like the old days."

  • verb: shoot
  • damage: 5
  • cooldown: 1 seconds
  • use cost: 1 bullet
  • weight: 5
  • creation cost: 200 Wood, 50 Steel, 50 Sulphur

Laser Rifle[]

  • verb: blast
  • damage: 8
  • cooldown: 1 seconds
  • use cost: 1 energy cell
  • weight: 5


  • verb: lob
  • damage: 15
  • cooldown: 5 seconds
  • use cost: 1 grenade
  • weight: 1
  • creation cost: 100 Scales, 50 Teeth


Will stun enemy for 4 seconds[2] and prevent all of his/her attacks to the character[3]

  • verb: tangle
  • damage: stun
  • cooldown: 15 seconds
  • use cost: 1 bolas
  • weight: 0.5
  • trade cost: 10 Teeth